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22yrs ago I got government&university loans ANY 30 Sep 2011

I received Ph.D. , but I lived on welfare since then up to 8yrs then I lift the country back home. Now I want to come-back with my kids. do I will be gilty...


looking for a business expert attorney Business 25 Sep 2011

looking for a business expert attorney


what are my legal rights to common-law separation Family 18 Sep 2011

we were together for 8 years and separated. he has taken everything we bought together in the 8 years and has left me with the debt. I inherited my house...


Can I have my ex common-law partner up on Criminal charges Business 7 Sep 2011

In or around April 25th 2010 I started dating my Common-law wife.She moved in with me In May 2010.But she still had her own room somewhere else in the...


family attorney in Noranda Family 24 Aug 2011

I am looking for a family attorney in Noranda.

Hey there you could find a attorney in noranda by looking at the yellow pages in the phone book thanks for adding your answer to the pathlegal website...View

Can i take this to small claims court ANY 16 Aug 2011

While on vacation at the Kawama Hotel Varedaro Cuba falsely accused of going to a tattoo house and doing drugs by immigration and hotel security.Was threatened...


legal will executor Family 23 Jul 2011

can a lawyer who is designated executor of a will transfer that executorship to the same lawyer that is the lawyer for the common law spouse who is the...


Can our 15 year old move out of our house without permission Family 9 Jul 2011

Our son will be 15 in August, 2011. He says he intends to move out of our home on his 15th birthday and that because he will be 15, his father and I have...


If I don\'t have my sepena yet do I have to go Family 11 May 2011

I am a character witness for my ex boyfriend and I received a call yesterday from his brother\'s girlfriend telling me I have to go up this week either...

As a witness if you have received the summon you have to appear in the court.for detail-- Santosh goswami,adv 0 View

how to deal with my warrants in b.c Criminal 2 May 2011

I am wanted in b.c and want to get on with my life but have these warrants to deal with.if i turn myself in i will lose my job my house and truck,i have...


Salary vs hourly wage Labor 14 Apr 2011

Does a salary employee get the same amount of wage per month no matter how many hours they work. If an employee works a full 40 plus a week one month...


How can I collect my money (loan ) fr. my former employer. ANY 10 Apr 2011

My former employer who is my sister too, owed me $10000 last year. Until now she didnt pay me yet. Last week when I bug her again she bought an airticket...


you do not have to testify against your spouse Criminal 22 Mar 2011

Is this law true that they cannot make you testify against your husband in court and does it apply in Alberta?


Do I have to be a wtiness against my boyfriend Criminal 22 Mar 2011

In 2010 my boyfriend was charged with some charges. The police called me into the station and asked me some questions about what happened, I didn\'t know...


Can I take my ex back to court over a joint debt Family 10 Mar 2011

My Ex husband failed to disclose that he declared bankrupcy before we divorced. There was a joint car loan between us. He kept the car and I assumed...


can i sue someone for investment fraud Business 23 Feb 2011

we invested with a fellow 3 years ago and recieved dividends for apporox. 8 months ,since then nothing..we have tried contacting him several times via...


inherited land , no will other people trying to claim it Property 26 Jan 2011

my question is , my husband and his brother inherited land after there father passed away . there is no will and his ex common law wife \'s son is trying...


does a father have every right to take his kids Family 15 Jan 2011

If a mother has full custody of the children, does she have to provide documents to the other party for prove that she does have custody of the children,...


I wanted to know if I had legal case for slipping/surgery Accident 7 Jan 2011

I am a flight attendant and had just parked my car in the designated crew lot, and was heading to the airport for check in. The lot at kelowna International...


by mistake credit card gave to some one and they used Criminal 25 Dec 2010

on work place i did customer ..forgot his credit card...and by mistake i give to some one else...and they used it.. now i lost my job..and..i...


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