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Rules for securities transactions not conducted on a regular exchangeRules for securities transactions not conducted on a regular exchange

Business »Posted 18 Aug 2017

legal question I have been approached by a UK-based firm about selling a digital currency holding to a Hong Kong Investor. I have been told that the process involves both buyer and seller placing 10% of the transaction amount into an escrow account as a type of guarantee that we will both see the deal through. if one party defaults, then his amount is forfeit and 50% goes to the injured party, who would also be refunded his/her guarantee amount. I have been told that this process has been a legal requirement in Hong Kong since 2006 and was introduced to help ensure people completed agreements they had committed to. It makes sense, but since I am not intimately familiar with the broker it occurs to me that this could be a scam and my 10% amount could potentially be at risk of vanishing. Are you able to confirm that this is a common business practice in Hong Kong that is in fact mandated by some securities trading regulation?

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