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Lawyer needed for Divorce Lawyer needed for Divorce

Family »Posted 17 Mar 2018

legal question I’m currently in Canada, my spouse is in India. I have not been back to India since 2015. I will be returning back to India so I may divorce her.
And,then be able to marry my fiancé who is a permanent resident of UK.
CBSA has issued an exclusion order, for overstaying. I am able to return to Canada pending the approval of my fiancé’s Overseas Spousal Application.
Myself and my fuance are planning to be landing in New Dehli in March.
I need a divorce who can get the divorce judgement granted as soon as possible.
My fiancé has a very rare eye condition and she will be needing a cornea transplant, sooner than we planned.
She also has 2 daughters and my fiancé feels very torn between myself and her 2 daughters.
My spouse has a violent temper, and on 2 different occasions she has attempted suicide.
I am worried for my parents, my daughter who she doesn’t let me talk to. She has threatened me and said she just has to say the word ‘dowry’ and my family will be behind bars.
She has also threatened me saying she would do absolutely anything to keep me from divorcing her. You may call me at 1(587) 501-6751 or you may email me

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